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Coming into Fruition: Waste to Energy Power Plant Putri Cempo in Solo Proves the Potential of Waste

By July 15, 2022August 24th, 2022No Comments

What started as a discussion with the mayor of Solo 11 years ago has now become reality. CPI introduced the concept of waste to energy to the then mayor of Solo, Joko Widodo, and thanks to collective efforts from bright and concerned organizations throughout the years, municipal solid waste can now prove itself as a sustainable source of energy, starting in the city of Solo

As reported in Republika, the waste to energy powerplant Putri Cempo is targeted for operation in January 2023, producing a total of 5MW of electricity. The construction of this powerplant started in 2019 and was temporarily halted during the height of the pandemic. On the 28th of June 2022, trial operations of the power plant began and CPI was present to witness a historical moment.

Kudos to the developer team SCMPP for turning the waste to energy concept into an actual powerplant and we wish them nothing but success in the completion of Putri Cempo.

If you like to get to know the municipal waste to energy concept, check out our animation below