Who we are

Clean Power Indonesia (CPI) was founded in 2012 by Jaya Wahono, a fervent advocate of renewable energy development through bamboo-based biomass in Indonesia.

CPI has now grown into a team of energy and environment experts, initiating and developing “Listrik Gotong Royong”, which are bamboo-based biomass power generation projects managed for and by community users. CPI also performs as enabler and partner for organizations, communities and government institutions that are aiming to expand biomass energy development and consumption in Indonesia. CPI’s vision is to limit dependency on diesel fuel and provide the most remote places of Indonesia with renewable energy through bamboo.

CPI collaborates with renowned engineers and biomass technology providers who share the same vision such as PT IKPT and Ankur Scientific

What we do in Bali

The Bangli regency has been known for ages as the source of bamboo for the island of Bali.

What we do in Siberut

CPI also identified the opportunity to develop bamboo-based power plants in Siberut through the Green Prosperity Program of Millennium Challenge Account Indonesia, and successfully secured a grant to conduct a Feasibility Study (FS).