What We do

CPI promotes the development of renewable energy and sustainable economy based on the active participation of communities in managing renewable energy sources.

Current projects CPI has worked on and are currently working on:

1. Biomass based powerplants in Mentawai

These power plants will serve as a model intended for replication in remote, front and fallen behind areas in Indonesia (3T = terdepan, terpencil, tertinggal). The following video shows the progression of power plant development in the three villages Madobag, Matotonan and Saliguma.

2. Waste to Energy in Nusa Dua

Getting electricity from rubbish will be an exemplary project for major tourist destinations with a true zero waste approach.

3. Biomass based powerplants in Jambi

One of the first constructions in combination with the development of coconut sugar factory and the safeguarding of a national park.