What We do


Why bamboo? The endemic plant that is an inherent part of the Indonesian landscape is known for it’s numerous benefits. CPI promotes the development of not just renewable energy, but a sustainable economy based on bamboo and communities.

A professionally managed bamboo forest in Indonesia can become a source of income to communities surrounding the forest. The industries that can be developed based on bamboo forests are ample: eco-tourism, bamboo processing industry, forest carbon sequestration, national training center on bamboo-based development and bioenergy production such as: torrefied bamboo for coal substitute, methanol for gasoline substitute and bio-methane for natural gas substitute. The technology to convert bamboo into various substitutes for fossil fuel is already proven and has been developed by renowned companies as commercial projects.

In addition, the agility and availability of bamboo makes it a sensible tool to address the problem of stunting economic growth in many small island communities and remote villages due to limited access to power.


This video will try to explain in an easy to understand way how bamboo is turned into power, electricity and eventually, income.

What we do in Bali

The Bangli regency has been known for ages as the source of bamboo for the island of Bali. CPI initiated a pilot for a bamboo-based biomass powerplant in Bangli and has successfully obtained the legal requirements and secured the local government’s and the local stakeholders’ commitment in prioritizing the development of biomass-based energy in Bali. A pilot project will use mainly bamboo waste as biomass feedstock and can be expanded to test various biomass available all over Indonesia.


What we do in Siberut

CPI also identified the opportunity to develop bamboo-based power plants in Siberut through the Green Prosperity Program of Millennium Challenge Account Indonesia, and successfully secured a grant to conduct a Feasibility Study (FS). The positive outcome of the FS would mean the development of 3 bamboo-based powerplants, operated and distributed and consumed by the people of Siberut. Find out more about Listrik Gotong Royong in Mentawai on greenprosperitymentawai.com

The following video explains the benefit and procedure of producing Listrik Gotong Royong.