The Advantages Of Bamboo Organizations

To switch to bamboo organizations, companies need to structure their operations not according to their destination but according to their core and common ingredientsVeronique Nguyen

While crystal organizations have a neat, regular pattern that makes them beautiful, they cannot withstand disruption and will easily break into a thousand pieces. In their inner quest for perfection, crystals will repel other crystals, with which they are supposed to cooperate. This is also true at an internal level, as crystal are made up of small crystals which operate in silos.

At the other end of the spectrum, some organizations reflect the properties of bamboos. These rhizomes proliferate so successfully that they are known by gardeners as invasive and very difficult to eradicate. They have a special development model, with horizontal and underground nodes storing resources and shooting stems skyward. The nodes propagate themselves into the soil, creeping into the slightest interstice, looking for fertile ground to form new roots, from which additional stems will emerge. Their growth is unpredictable and cannot be planned. Bamboo’s diffuse intelligence is not centralized in any single node, but instead spreads throughout its different parts.